Frequently asked questions

My business has absolutely nothing in place for HR - can you help me?

Yes, all our services include access to an online portal with all the documents you need to get your business compliant quickly. You can speak with our advice line about any matter and, with our Silver and Gold service, you’ll receive an HR Audit to assess your current levels of compliance and form an action plan accordingly.

Yes, you can purchase as many consultancy days as you need and, as part of our Gold HR Service, we offer 1 day's on-site consultancy for businesses with less than 10 employees and 2 days' on-site consultancy for bigger businesses, all included within the subscription.

We are so confident about the advice and support that we provide that we stand behind its accuracy. If you provide us with all details of an issue and follow the advice we subsequently provide promptly, if that advice proves inaccurate and you suffer a loss as a result we will compensate you for the loss.

Yes, the Knowledge Portal contains a topic called ‘Types of Workerʼ, which distinguishes employees, self-employed, permanent employees, fixed-term workers, casual workers, zero hours contracts, home workers, self-employed contractors, agency workers and voluntary workers. The topic explains the difference between each type of worker, and how your HR and employment law responsibilities differ. And if you need anything clarifying, you can all the advice line.

With access to the Knowledge Portal, you have access to an HR employee handbook, which can include the following topics of your choice: equal opportunities, dignity at work, policy on recruitment of ex-offenders, sick leave, holidays, discipline, capability, grievances, whistle-blowing, health and safety, alcohol and drug abuse, company searches, smoking, data protection, IT, communications and monitoring, social media, parental leave, maternity, adoption and paternity rights, changes to personal data, redundancy, expenses, retirement, flexible working policy.

Yes, you can choose the payment frequency that suits you, either monthly or annually. When you go to our payment page you can make your choice and see what it will cost.

Yes. If you decide you need more from us, you can upgrade your service at any time. We understand that circumstances change and if you decide you need to downgrade your service you can do that at the end of your 12 month contract.

We understand that businesses are constantly changing and employee numbers may fluctuate. You'll pay for the number of employees you have at the time you purchase the service, if after 12 months this has gone down and you fit in a different pay band, then you can renew at the different price. The same applies if your employee numbers go up; you'll renew into a different price band.