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Health and Safety advice that your business can rely on

We'll help you avoid H&S risks

Health and Safety can be time-consuming, costly and dangerous if not done correctly.

Does your business have the tools, guidance and support to enable it adhere to health and safety legislation compliantly?

AdviserPlus Health & Safety Advice provides you with the peace of mind that not only are your people and customers protected, your business success and growth is protected too.

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Health & Safety Advice Line

Make an unlimited amount of calls to a UK based experienced, qualified and knowledgeable H&S Adviser. Where you can discuss new or existing health and safety legislation, potential or on going matters or obtain general health and safety advice

Every discussion is completed in confidence and generates a new case with its own case number for future reference.

Indemnified Advice

We’re so confident about the advice and support we provide that we stand behind its accuracy.

If the advice we provided you was incorrect we will compensate you for both the legal expenses in respect of preparation for, the cost of representation and if necessary, any fines as a result.

Welcome Call

Once signed up, you’ll receive a call from one of our Client Relationship Coordinators who will help you log on, provide a tour of the website and answer any questions you have.

Giving you confidence you’ll get everything you need out of the service, including that personal touch.

Health & Safety Knowledge Portal

Access to our interactive health and safety portal with up to date processes and documentation, in a workflow driven approach covering all your responsibilities from risk assessments to manual handling allowing you to protect your employees and customers.

Easy to follow plain English advice, with checklists and easy to follow flowcharts and information.

H&S Document Library

Access to a collection of over a hundred best practice document templates to download, edit and use in line with your business ethos.

Providing your business with the confidence that you are fully compliant and that legislation is up to date without the use of additional resource within the business.

Audit Trail Support

We help you stay organised and prepared.

We’ll provide records of all your conversations with your H&S Adviser, in chronological order, so you don’t have search through all your emails, looking for notes or try to remember the order of events.



An update on the latest developments in Human Resources, Employment Law and Health & Safety straight to your inbox. AdviserPlus will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

We help you stay up-to-date with key issues in HR and H&S that are affecting small and medium sized businesses.

Case Notes

After every interaction with your health and safety adviser, you receive a detailed case note outlining the background information discussed, the guidance you were provided and the next steps you should take.

No longer rely on scribbled notes or worry about remembering what was discussed after your call.

Case Viewer

A secure portal embedded in H&S Knowledge Portal, where your case notes are stored.

View the advice given and access attachments sent, upload documents or reply directly with follow-up questions straight to your H&S Adviser – and they can respond back. Building an audit trail as the case progresses.

Proactive Case Management

We ensure you’re supported through the whole process, taking the right steps at the right times.

Once you’ve opened a case and received your advice, your adviser only closes their case when your issue is resolved, they’ll check back in at appropriate points, to support you to a resolution.

H&S Health Check

Your H&S adviser takes time to understand the health and safety landscape of your business, evaluates the information and provides you with a compliance report.

A H&S Health Check of your business helps you understand any risk areas and your H&S adviser will then work with you to address them.

H&S Policy Review

We’ll remotely carry out a review of your core set of essential H&S policy documents and ensure they’re fit for purpose.

We’ll ensure they’re legally compliant and supported by effective processes ensuring the safety of your people, customers and business.

On-site Consultancy

An H&S Consultant spends up to 2 days a year on-site at your business, tailoring the support on what your business needs.

On-site support can help in any number of areas, but is particularly useful for the following scenarios:

  • Full health and safety audit carried out on your Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHMS)
  • Audits provide you with a ‘snapshot in time’ summary of the state of your health and safety management systems.

Why we're different

Our 12-month contracts don’t trap you into staying with us for years. You have the flexibility to upgrade your service at any time so you can do what’s right for your business.

You won’t find a service like ours; expertly provided, personalised HR advice at an unbeatable price.

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Save 20% when purchasing both our HR and H&S service together.

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5 reasons why people choose our H&S service


Our pricing structure suits your business size, and for what you get in each of our packages, it’s hard to beat us on price.


Our simple 12-month contract has no complicated notice period if you need to cancel and you can upgrade your service at any time.


We support over 20,000 SMEs and 96% of customers would recommend our service, we have a world-class NPS score of +83.


We’ll help you stay on the right side of the law, protecting you and your business, your staff and your customers.


Our people are H&S experts with hands-on experience: they understand your situation, because they’ve been there themselves.