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Health and Safety can be time-consuming, costly and dangerous if not done correctly.

Does your business have the tools, guidance and support to enable it adhere to health and safety legislation compliantly?

AdviserPlus Health & Safety Advice provides you with the peace of mind that not only are your people and customers protected, your business success and growth is protected too.

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Our Health & Safety services

What's included?

  • H&S Advice Line
  • Indemnity
  • H&S Knowledge Portal
  • H&S Document Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Welcome Call
  • Audit Trail Support
  • Case Notes
  • Case Viewer
  • H&S Health Check
  • Proactive Case Management
  • H&S Policy Review
  • On-site Consultancy
    bronze package
  • 8am - 6pm Weekdays
  • £20,000
    bronze package
  • 8am - 6pm Weekdays
  • £50,000
    gold package
  • 8am - 6pm Weekdays
  • £100,000
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Arrange a demo From £40 a month
Speak to the team From £150 a month

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Our 12-month contracts don’t trap you into staying with us for years. You have the flexibility to upgrade your service at any time so you can do what’s right for your business.

You won’t find a service like ours; expertly provided, personalised HR advice at an unbeatable price.

Discounts when H&S service bought with HR service

Save 20% when purchasing both our HR and H&S service together.

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