Bank Holidays – How best to manage your workforce

As a business it is your responsibility to provide your employees with the correct holiday entitlement.

If managed incorrectly it could see you facing an employment tribunal claim for breaching the working times regulations.

Having processes and rules in place along with knowledge of how best to manage your workforce around bank holidays you can ensure minimal disruption to your business and avoid a holiday headache. Things to consider:

  • Legally, the Working Time Regulations (WTR 1998) state that workers are entitled to 28 days’ paid holiday each year – it is up to you whether this includes bank holidays or not (this should be detailed in your contracts of employment) but either way they cannot fall below the legal entitlement.
  • Time off in Lieu – Consider whether time off in lieu (TOIL) will be required if bank holidays go towards your employee’s statutory holiday entitlement and have a documented agreement of how this will be taken during the working pattern.

Consider the best way for your business to operate by ensuring that rules around working bank holidays are communicated effectively. The more informed and knowledgeable your workforce are, the easier this is to manage.

Managing a diverse workforce can be a difficult task in itself; especially if they work a range of hours and days, calculating holiday can become complex. if you’d like to know how we can help your business with areas such as staff holidays, call one of the team today on 0844 327 2293.

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